Love shopping with friends? Love ShopSee!

At ShopSee we love shopping, we love our mobiles — and we love our friends.

But most of all we love shopping with our friends, especially when we’ve got important things to buy.

So even though we are shopping on our mobiles, we want to see the same things, show each other alternatives, and chat about the things we’ve found.

With ShopSee you can — without leaving the store.

No need for links, no swapping between apps, no scrolling up and down looking for comments about particular items, and no getting confused about which items your friends are on about.

Chat or call. Everyone sees the same thing at the same time.

It’s productive, fast and ready for you to try now. So put the fun back into your shopping.

Download ShopSee for your phone:

Android 5.0 and above.iPhone
Coming soon